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  • Let’s make Tofu, a Japanese food essential
    Won't you hand-make yourself Tofu, a Japanese indispensable ingredient for Miso-soup, salad, simmered dish, etc.? Shall we enjoy freshly made Tofu, while learning nutritious powers of soy beans of the material?
  • International Exchange Salon
    The International Salon is an event held once a month by volunteers where foreigners and Japanese can meet and interact freely over a cup of tea. It is a chance to discover new cultures and make friends from all around the world!
  • Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
    Experienced lawyers will give expert advice on issues that often affect foreign residents, such as visas, immigration, refugee status, divorce, inheritance, labor, etc. Private consultation available; appointment only.
    ※Interpreting available; please inquire at time of booking.
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