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  • “Japanese Speech Contest” -Online- Reservation Page
    Foreign nationals who are studying Japanese will give speeches from various perspectives on life in Japan and their own culture. There will also be performances of Japanese dance and Bangladeshi music by foreign nationals.
  • Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
    Experienced lawyers will give expert advice on issues that often affect foreign residents, such as visas, immigration, refugee status, divorce, inheritance, labor, etc. Private consultation available; appointment only.
    ※Consultation is conducted over the phone.
    ※Interpreting available; please inquire at time of booking.
  • International Exchange Salon~Online~ “Nakama”
    Date: 13:00-14:30, February 20 (Sat)
    Co-Organizer: Friendship Club Nakama
  • Consultation Counters with Foreign Language Services
    Please inquire each facility of the business hours and others in detail.
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