International Exchange: Bowling & Salon

Bowl and make friends with people from around the world. Stick around for tea after!
Co-Organizer: Friendship Club Nakama

  • Time:
    12:30~16:00, Nov. 9 Sat.
  • Venue
    Shin-Itabashi Sta. Toei-Mita Line
  • Participants
    Those living, working or attending school in Itabashi
  • Capacity
    Ten people of Non-Japanese and Ten people of Japanese will be chosen by lot.
  • Admission
  • To apply and inquire
    Email by Oct. 18 Fri. as below with① Name with Furigana, ②Sex, ③ Age, ④ Nationality
    Friendship Club Nakama ✉
    ※Please apply using the application form below. (Available in Japanese, English and Chinese only.)


Application Form


In case you apply with this Form, we will send you an email notice of “Your application is completed”. In the absence of our reply, please call 03-3579-2015, Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation.
If you restrict to receive unknown mails including the domain of “”, please remove the restriction of our domain on your computer, Smartphone or cellphone so that you can receive our reply.