The 20th Japanese Speech Contest ~Contestants wanted!~【Cancelled】

Japanese language learners, won’t you try to make a speech in Japanese?
Tell us about your thoughts and feelings in Japan!

  • Time
    13:00-16:30, February 22 (Sat.), 2020
  • Venue
    2F Hall, Green Hall (36-1 Sakae-cho)
  • Content
    Speech (Time & Title) 3 minutes in Japanese
    *Free title of your choice, all levels welcome
  • Targets
    Non-Japanese living, schooling and working in Itabashi
  • Capacity
    30 persons
  • To apply
    By December 13 (Fri), 2019, please apply with the application form below.


In case you apply with this Form, we will send you an email notice of “Your application is completed”. In the absence of our reply, please call 03-3579-2015, Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation.
If you restrict to receive unknown mails including the domain of “”, please remove the restriction of our domain on your computer, Smartphone or cellphone so that you can receive our reply.

★We are also calling for foreigners who will perform Japanese Classical Dance, “Nihon Buyoh” on stage as a part of Japanese Speech Contest.
Please visit the link for details.
*You cannot apply to “Japanese speech contest” and “Japanese Classical Dance Lessons” at the same time.