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Itabashi City Hall is hiring for a part time position in charge of English/Japanese translation and interpretation duties.


  • Job Description
    (1) Translation of administrative documents produced by Itabashi City
    Translation of application forms for procedures at City Hall counters, official letters to/from the Mayor, publications aimed at foreign residents, etc.
    (2) Interpretation for City Hall operations and services
    Interpreting at City Hall counters, meetings and receptions between the Mayor and foreign VIPs, events and projects hosted by the City, etc.
    (3) Assistance with projects organized by the Foundation
  • Number of positions
    A part-time coordinator for International Exchange (English Duty) / One
  • Qualifications
    (1) Applicant should possess both English and Japanese language abilities necessary to perform the duties described above.
    (Be a native English speaker or have equivalent English language ability. If foreign national, applicant should have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 or have equivalent Japanese language ability)
    (2) Applicant should be able to communicate their knowledge of an English-speaking country’s lifestyle, culture, etc. based on their experiences living there.
    (3) Applicant must be legally eligible to work in Japan (or be able to obtain such permission before the contract period starts)
  • Contract Period
    April 2018 – March 2019(with possibility of renewal)
  • Working hours
    64 hours per month
     (Full day: 7 hrs, 45 mins; 8:45-17:30, Half day: 4 hrs; 8:45-12:45 or 13:30-17:30)
  • Payment
    Full day, \14,100 / Half day, \7,050
  • Selection Process
    Document Review, Written exam (Feb. 5), Oral exam and interview (Mar. 1)
  • To apply
    By January 23 17:00, submit your Japanese resume with an attached photograph by e-mail, post, or at our counter in the City Hall.
    ♦Please check the application requirements before applying.

Application requirements 

The International Salon is an event held once a month by volunteers where foreigners and Japanese can meet and interact freely over a cup of tea. It is a chance to discover new cultures and make friends from all around the world!
Time:2018.2/3(Sat) ,3/3 (Sat),4/7(Sat),5/19(Sat),6/9(Sat),7/7(Sat)  14:30~16:30
Place: Green Hall (36-1 Sakae-cho, Itabashi-ku)  Room504(2/3~5/19,7/7) Room601(6/9)
Cost: \200 (includes refreshments)
Just come directly to the venue on the day!

Experienced lawyers will give expert advice on issues that often affect foreign residents, such as visas, immigration, refugee status, divorce, inheritance, labor, etc. Private consultation available; appointment only.
※Interpreting available; please inquire at time of booking.

Date:①February 15(Thu) ②March 15(Thu) 13:30~16:00
Place:①②Culture Hall room4(Oyamahigashi-cho 51-1)
Cost : FREE (consultation time max. 30 minutes per person)
To apply : Apply to the below by 3 days before each event.

■ 氏名 / Name

■ ふりがな / furigana

■ 郵便番号 / postcode
*Please enter with a hyphen.

■ 住所 / Address

■ 年齢 / Age

■ 性別 / Gender

■ 国籍 / Nationality

■ 電話番号 / Telephone number

■ メールアドレス / email

■ 区内在勤・在学の場合 / if studying or working in Itabashi
名称 / Name of school or workplace

所在地 / address of school or workplace

■ 備考 / Remarks