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Let’s enjoy Japanese performing arts stage including traditional dance, music performed with traditional instruments such as shamisen and biwa, etc. English, Chinese, and Korean programs are available.
RSVP not required. Just come straight to the venue!

  • Time
    October 9 (Sun), 2022 10:30 open/11:00 ~16:30
  • Location
    Itabashi Culture Hall, Small Hall (51-1 Oyama higashicho)
  • Cost
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Experienced lawyers will give expert advice on issues that often affect foreign residents, such as visas, immigration, refugee status, divorce, inheritance, labor, etc. Private consultation available; appointment only.

※Consultation is conducted over the phone or online(Zoom). Languages that are not English or Japanese would be only by Zoom.

Date:October 20th(Thu)  13:30~16:30
Cost : FREE (consultation time max. 30 minutes per person)
To apply : Apply to the below by 7 days before each event. (Available in Japanese, English and Chinese only.)

In case you apply with this Form, we will send you an email notice of “Your application is completed”. In the absence of our reply, please call 03-3579-2015, Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation.
If you restrict to receive unknown mails including the domain of “”, please remove the restriction of our domain on your computer, Smartphone or cellphone so that you can receive our reply.

Date: 14:30-16:30, Oct. 8 (Sat)
Place: Meeting Room No.4, Itabashi Culture Hall (51-1 Oyamahigashicho)
Visit Website for details.
Inquiries: Friendship Club Nakama