For all Japanese language classes learners (2nd semester .2019)

All Japanese Classes in March have been cancelled due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Unfortunately, 2nd semester Japanese classes has ended.
But keep studying Japanese.
We’re going to think about extra lessons on another day around April.
New classes will start in the 2nd week of April.
If you would like to continue attending, please fill out the application form.
Also can do HP.

Start date will be posted to the foundation’s HP and Facebook page at the end of March.
Please check this page.

◆Consultation Services in Foreign Languages(English/Chinese/Korean)
New Coronavirus Consultation Center : 0570-550571
・For more information, Please feel free to consult us about New Coronavirus(COVID-19).
・Hours : 9:00~21:00(Opened on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.)


Japanese language classes

How to Apply

Please apply using the application form below.

In case you apply with this Form, we will send you an email notice of “Your application is completed”. In the absence of our reply, please call 03-3579-2015, Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation.If you restrict to receive unknown mails including the domain of “”, please remove the restriction of our domain on your computer, Smartphone or cellphone so that you can receive our reply.