ICIEF Board is an information periodical issued by the foundation every month and is intended for foreigners. It provides information pertaining to living and events to foreigners living in the city. It is published in four languages: Japanese (with reading guides), English, Chinese, and Korean written in Hangul. It can be downloaded from the foundation’s homepage or acquired from facilities, Japanese language schools, international exchange groups, and the like within the city.


Issue Contents
August. 2017 issue
  • Earth Village Bowling Party
  • Free Research Hall&Summer break 100 yen workshop
  • Admission of Foreign National Children to Itabashi Schools
July. 2017 issue
  • Learn about Itabashi History and Folklore
  • Applications for Tokyo Public Housing
  • 58thAnnual Itabashi Fireworks Festival
June. 2017 issue
  • Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
  • “Ecopolis Flea Market” & “Ecopolis/Handmade Goods Market”
  • Automatic Certificate Issuance Machine ~End of service announcement~
May. 2017 issue
  • Satsuki Bonsai Festival
  • Edo-style dyed Komon Kimono workshop Tour
  • Call for Participants: Firefly Viewing and BBQ Evening
April. 2017 issue
  • Historical Museum ~ Yes Nogu!~ Agricultural tools, from a single pole onwards…
  • Green Festa 2017
  • Applications for Tokyo Public Housing
March. 2017 issue
  • Japanese Language Lessons for Beginners – Apply Now!
  • Science & Education Hall ~Spring Vacation~
  • Spring Citywide Emergency Disaster Drill
February. 2017 issue
  • Japanese Speech Festival
  • Try on samurai armor and participate in Japanese tea ceremony at this tour
  • Resident Tax Declaration
January. 2017 issue
  • Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
  • Lobby Concert
  • Material・Waste Collection