ICIEF Board is an information periodical issued by the foundation every month and is intended for foreigners. It provides information pertaining to living and events to foreigners living in the city. It is published in four languages: Japanese (with reading guides), English, Chinese, and Korean written in Hangul. It can be downloaded from the foundation’s homepage or acquired from facilities, Japanese language schools, international exchange groups, and the like within the city.


Issue Contents
November. 2019 issue
  • P1. Japanese Speech Contest /Japanese Classical Dance Lessons for Beginners
  • P3. Itabashi Agricultural Festival/Fire prevention activities in fall/Eco life fair in fall
  • P5. 3Enroll in the National Health Insurance/Join the National Pension
  • P7. AIDS Prevention Month/Prevention against Child Abuse Promotion Month
October. 2019 issue
  • P1. Japanese Traditional Performing Arts for Foreign Residents/Itabashi-Mongolia Cultural Exchange & the 24th Mongol Sumo, “Bufu” Competition
  • P3. 2020 Itabashi City Marathon/The 48th Itabashi Residents Festival/The 51st Consumer Living Exhibition
  • P5. 30th Anniversary of Twining with Burlington, Canada, Commemorative Event “We ♡ Burlington!”/Itabashi Cultural Festival/Itabashi Learning Sports Guide 2019《Autumn & Winter Edition》
  • P7. Itabashi Cultural Properties Week 2019/The 31st Suku Suku Festival/Enroll in Itabashi public & private childcare for April 2019
September. 2019 issue
  • P1. Japanese Language Lessons for Non-Japanese/International Exchange: Bowling & Salon
  • P3. Join us for Awa Odori dance / carrying Mikoshi/Ecopo Handmade Market/Autumnal Plants Market
  • P5. Itabashi Cultural Festival & Evening Festival/Itabashi Dietary Education & Health Promotion/The 6th Itabashi Walking
  • P7. The 6th Itabashi Walking/Medical Emergency Awareness Day, Sep. 9
August. 2019 issue
  • P1. Wednesday Conversation Salon
  • P3. Japanese traditional Buddhist and festive event “Obon”/ Observation of the Stars
  • P5. Observation of the Stars/Payment of Resident Tax/Disaster Prevention Week
  • P7. The Long-Term Care Insurance System
July. 2019 issue
  • P1. Be Careful Not To Get Heat Stroke
  • P3.
    ・The 60th Itabashi Fireworks Festival
    ・The 27th Bologna Book Fair in Itabashi
    ・Welcome Kids Festival
  • P5. ・Ita-Pla Summer Festival
    ・Summer Holiday Special
    ・“Hands-on Harvest experience & Barbecue Evening”
  • P7.
    ・Events at Historical Museum
    ・Child Vaccinations
    ・Applications Accepted for Tokyo Public Housing
June. 2019 issue
  • P1. Free Professional Consultation for Foreign Residents/Multilingual Guidance for SH Entrance Exam
  • P3. Multilingual Guidance for SH Entrance Exam/Health Checkup starts
  • P5. Payment of Resident Tax/Hazardous Materials Safety Week,/Healing Planetarium
  • P7. Edo-Komon Workshop Tour/“Tanabata” Star Festival decoration/Flea Market at Ecopo
May. 2019 issue
  • P.1…New Era starts/“Living Information for Foreign Residents” 2019/Free legal Consultation
  • P.3 …Satsuki or Azalea, Bonsai Festival/ Learning & Sports Guide in Itabashi 2019/Japanese Classes
  • P.5… Firefly Viewing and BBQ Evening/ Manaport Ohara Festival/ International Exchange Salon
  • P.7 …Archery lessons/ Japanese Archery of long bow/ Members wanted for Smile
April. 2019 issue
  • P.1…Volunteer Interpreters & Translators, Intercultural Understanding Volunteer Instructors now Wanted
  • P.3 …Join the National Pension/Applications for Tokyo Public Housing/Come to Children’s Hall “CAP’S”
  • P.5… Shitsurai Class for Boy’s Day/Plants Market for Spring/Enjoy Public Bath
  • P.7 …Rotating exhibit “Itabashi Historical Museum Exhibits for 50 years” /Itabashi-ku Yatsugatake so and Haruna Forestry Camp School Available for Use
March. 2019 issue
  • Japanese Language Class for Beginners:Applications now accepted!
  • Cherry Blossom Festival/Cherry Blossoms Lighting-up!
  • Citywide Emergency Disaster Drill
February. 2019 issue
  • 19th Japanese Speech Contest
  • International Exchange Salon: New Year’s Party
  • Namaste! Nepal~The new neighbors and her colorful culture~
January. 2019 issue
  • Enroll in Public & Private Childcare for April 2019~Secondary Applications Open~
  • Recyclable Materials and Garbage: Collection Schedule by areas
  • Enjoy Japanese Traditional performing arts, “Sekkyojoruri”