ICIEF Board is an information periodical issued by the foundation every month and is intended for foreigners. It provides information pertaining to living and events to foreigners living in the city. It is published in four languages: Japanese (with reading guides), English, Chinese, and Korean written in Hangul. It can be downloaded from the foundation’s homepage or acquired from facilities, Japanese language schools, international exchange groups, and the like within the city.


Issue Contents
February. 2021 issue
  • P1 “Japanese Speech Contest” -Online-/Shijingshan, Beijing, China Photo Exhibition/Free Legal Consultation for International Residents【Reservation required】
  • P3 International Exchange Salon~Online~“Nakama”/Fire Prevention Activities for Spring (3/1-3/7)/Resident Tax Declaration
January. 2021 issue
  • P1 A Happy New Year, 2021/Free Legal Consultation for International Residents【Reservation required】/Volunteer Interpreters & Translators now Wanted
  • P3 International Exchange Salon~Online~“Nakama”/Participants Wanted to feedback on Itabashi City Management and Administration/About the new coronavirus disease
  • P5 Recyclable materials and Garbage Collection : Schedule by areas/Enroll in Public and Private Childcare for April 2021(Secondary Applications open)
  • P7 Special Exhibition: “Itabashi and Optics, No. 3: Cameras Made in Itabashi”/ Applications Accepted for Tokyo Public Housing/Payment of Resident Tax