ICIEF Board is an information periodical issued by the foundation every month and is intended for foreigners. It provides information pertaining to living and events to foreigners living in the city. It is published in four languages: Japanese (with reading guides), English, Chinese, and Korean written in Hangul. It can be downloaded from the foundation’s homepage or acquired from facilities, Japanese language schools, international exchange groups, and the like within the city.


Issue Contents
November. 2018 issue
  • Let’s make Tofu, a Japanese food essential
  • The 41st Itabashi Agricultural Festival
  • Garbage information on App.
October. 2018 issue
  • Japanese Traditional Performing Arts for Foreign Residents
  • The 47th Itabashi Residents Festival
  • 2019 Itabashi City Marathon : Won’t you join us?
September. 2018 issue
  • Japanese Language Lessons for Foreign Residents (Beginners)
  • “Experience Karate” program for foreign residents
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention Week: September 24 to 30, 2018
August. 2018 issue
  • Filipino Cooking Class
  • International exchange through strolling
  • Enrollment procedures for the City Elementary School
July. 2018 issue
  • The 59th Itabashi Annual Fireworks Festival
  • The 18th Traditional Crafts Exhibition, ”Magatama” workshop
  • Child Vaccinations
June. 2018 issue
  • Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
  • Enroll in the National Health Insurance
  • Please remember to pay your resident tax
May. 2018 issue
  • Intercultural Understanding Volunteer Instructors Recruitment
  • Try on Samurai Armor / Special exhibition on the boy’s festival
  • Satsuki Azalea Bonsai Festival
April. 2018 issue
  • Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents
  • Spring Plant Fair
  • Collection Exhibit (From imagined mountains to Mt. Fuji)
March. 2018 issue
  • Japanese Language Lessons for Beginners – Apply Now!
  • Spring Fire Prevention Activities
  • Itabashi Performing Arts
February. 2018 issue
  • 18th Japanese Speech Festival
  • American slang seminar
  • Itabashi Master’s Entertainment Hall
January. 2018 issue
  • Hiring: International Exchange Coordinator
  • Material・Waste Collection ~ Schedule based on area
  • Enjoy Japanese Traditional performing arts~Viewing of Sekkyōjōruri~