ICIEF Board is an information periodical issued by the foundation every month and is intended for foreigners. It provides information pertaining to living and events to foreigners living in the city. It is published in four languages: Japanese (with reading guides), English, Chinese, and Korean written in Hangul. It can be downloaded from the foundation’s homepage or acquired from facilities, Japanese language schools, international exchange groups, and the like within the city.


Issue Contents
March. 2020 issue
  • P1 Japanese Language Class for Beginners
  • P3 New Rules for Smoking/Emergency Disaster Drill ※The drill has been canceled
  • P5 Hot Spring Discount Coupons/Discount Coupon for Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Masssage and Finger-pressure Treatment/Hand-made crafts Market at Ecopo *The events has been canceled.
  • P7 Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival *The events has been canceled./Lighting-up cherry blossoms
February. 2020 issue
  • P1 20th Japanese Speech Contest/Shijingshan, Beijing, China Photo Exhibition
  • P3 New Year party – International Exchange Salon –/Calligraphy experience for foreign residents/Science Festa
  • P5 Resident Tax Declaration/Flea Market at Ecopo
  • P7 Fire Prevention Activities for Spring *The events has been canceled./Itabashi’s folk entertainment
January. 2020 issue
  • P1 A Happy New Year, 2020
  • P3 Recyclable materials and Garbage Collection/Enroll in Public and Private Childcare for April 2020
  • P5 New Year’s Traditional Games/“Everything Eco-friendly” Exhibition/Enjoy Japanese Traditional Performing Art: “SekkyoJoruri”
  • P7 Special Exhibition “History of Takashimadaira and TAKASHIMA Shuhan”/ Applications for Tokyo Public Housing/Payment of Resident Tax