Education for International Understanding, Volunteer Instructor Recruitment

The Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation (ICIEF) is actively involved in the establishment of an Education for International Understanding program. As part of the program, we are conducting “Foreign Volunteer Instructor Dispatch” activities to dispatch volunteer instructors from around the world to local Itabashi elementary and middle schools. During the schools’ general studies period, volunteer instructors will participate in international exchange and encourage intercultural understanding.
Presently, ICIEF is recruiting foreigners as volunteer instructors. Teaching experience is not required. This is a great opportunity to introduce to children in Itabashi the wonders of your home country’s culture.

  1. Volunteer activities
    Attend Education for International Understanding programs at Itabashi elementary and middle schools and introduce to children your home country’s culture and customs such as cuisine, dance, music, and other fun activities.
  2. Location & Time
    1) Location: Public elementary and middle schools in Itabashi (classrooms, schoolyards, gymnasiums, etc.)
    2) Time: School hours (generally a time during weekday mornings and afternoons depending on your availability)
  3. Misc
    1) ICIEF will contact you when a school requests an instructor that matches the information provided in the registration form. If you are able to perform the requested activities and available during the requested time, we will ask you to take part in as an instructor.
    2) Volunteers will be rewarded with \6,500 (includes transportation costs; before income tax deduction) each time they participate.
    3) We cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive requests. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. How to apply & other details
    Please fill out the registration form and submit it to ICIEF by submission form or email, post, FAX.
    (Registration form for Volunteer instructor) 
    (Registration form for Volunteer instructor) / Excel


Submission form



In case you apply with this Form, we will send you an email notice of “Your application is completed”. In the absence of our reply, please call 03-3579-2015, Itabashi Culture and International Exchange Foundation.
If you restrict to receive unknown mails including the domain of “”, please remove the restriction of our domain on your computer, Smartphone or cellphone so that you can receive our reply.