Living Information for International Residents

We have compiled information about the various procedures and services in this “Living Information for Foreign Residents.” The systems, lifestyle customs, rights, and obligations in Japan may differ from those of your native country. Please use this guide in order to live comfortably in Itabashi.

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[1] Itabashi City Office
Registration Related Matters & Procedures
Guide to City Office, Change of Address and Other Notifications

  • Itabashi City Office
  • Akatsuka Branch Office
  • City Residents’ Offices
  • Itabashi City Office Layout
  • Facilities neighboring the City Office
  • Resident Management System
  • Change of Address and other Notifications
  • Copies of the Resident Record
  • Seal Registration
  • My Number System (Individual Number Card)
  • Family Registration
  • Evening and Holiday Extended Service hours

[2] Childbirth, Children, Education
Information about Mother and Baby health, Child Raising and Support for Single-parent Families

  • After Confirming Your Pregnancy
  • Health and Welfare Centers
  • After Giving Birth
  • Subsidies for Birth and Child Raising
  • Childcare Support Programs
  • Learning & Living Support for Children Project “Manabusu”
  • Daycare Centers, Kindergartens, Children’s Hall
  • School Education(Elementary School, Junior High School)
  • After-School Activities Program “I-kids”
  • Single Parent Support Programs
  • Japanese Language Education Support
[3] National Health Insurance / Pension / Health Care / Taxes
For a healthy life

  • National Health Insurance System
  • National Pension System
  • Health and& Welfare Centers
  • Health Consultations and Examinations
  • Women’s Health
  • Medical Facilities with Multilingual Services
  • Emergency Hospital Care
  • Taxes
  • Registering and Disposing of Motorcycles and Light Vehicles
[4] Welfare
Welfare Services for Elderly People and People with Disabilities

  • Nursing Care Insurance
  • Welfare Services for People with Disabilities
  • Welfare Services for the Elderly
  • Livelihood Support
  • Single-Parent Support
  • Itabashi Life and Work Support Center
[5] Rules for Living
For a pleasant life and community

  • Community Associations
  • How to separate waste and recyclables
  • Bicycles and Motorbikes
  • Pets
  • For Consumers
  • Stop Unwanted Smoking
[6] Emergencies
In case of emergency – don’t panic, refer to this booklet!

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Emergency Hospitals
  • Crime and Accidents
  • Earthquakes
  • Preparing for Floods
  • Evacuation
  • Emergency Disaster Prevention Map
[7] Libraries・Cultural Facilities・Sports Facilities
Enjoying your leisure time

  • Libraries
  • Sports Facilities
  • Cultural and Educational Facilities
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Parks
  • Volunteer and NPO Activities
  • Itabashi Tourism Center
  • Gender Equality Promotion Center
[8] Useful information
The following information has been complied for your convenience.

  • Consultation Counters with Foreign Language Services
  • Consultation in Foreign Languages
  • Gender Equality Consultation Counters
  • Loan Services for Itabashi City Residents
  • Information Magazines and Newsletters
  • Foreign Language Information at City Office Counters
  • Information on International Exchange Events